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Ped Medium

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"Encouraged by Carmela Romano Gillette and Deric McNish’s (2019) book on using drama techniques for language learning, I invited students to try this approach and discovered three advantages over open-ended improvisation in a single performance event. First, students used the opportunity of group scriptwriting to play and experiment with word choices and delivery, thus repeatedly improvising rather than just taking one shot at it. Second, students attended to form as they prepared their script for performance, an element that was barely present prior. Third, actors reported that they remembered useful phrases from the scripts that they had created."

Pamela S. H. Bogart, from her new book, Teaching Speaking Online

"Performance of Fluency." Voice and Speech Review, 2-3. April 12, 2017. Recipient of the 2016 VSR Dudley Knight Award for Outstanding Vocal Scholarship.

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